Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We get a baby...they get a treat!!

Since the kids were so excited about getting a baby brother, I wanted to make something for them to bring with them to the school and share.
I got some candy sticks from HERE.
I purchased some green card stock
{make sure to use card stock, it's thicker, and not just regular paper}.
I used Microsoft Word and printed off ...
I'm a Big Brother
And I'm a Big Sister
and his name and birth date.
{Since we knew his birth date before the actual day, I was able to do these before he was born}.
I had to play around with placement and size a bit in Word to get it just how I wanted when it wrapped around the stick..
I used my trimmer to cut long strips, added some double sided tape to hold the paper onto the sticks, and then cut the ends in a V for a little added touch.
They were cute, but needed a little bit -more-.
I grabbed one of the many spools of bakers twine that I have. I chose orange , to go with the green paper and blue candy sticks to match the nursery! :)
I tied bows on the top of each candy stick {yeah...80 of them...time consuming!!}
And here is how they turned out!
I sent some with Chad to work too {he's so good about bringing the little treats I always send}.
So with those ones, I simply wrote, It's a boy on the other side.
I had a metal tin in storage {from IKEA} and stuck the candy inside.
Added some ribbon and a tag..and called it a

So much fun to share a little treat with everyone...and something different then the ole bubblegum cigar!
And for the nurses:
I had pinned THIS pin on Pinterest
What a GREAT idea!
I thought it would be fun to bring along some little gifts for the nurses.
Off to Target I went, got some gum, pens, chap stick and picked up some hand sanitizers at Bath and Body Works the last time I was there.
I seemed to go with a strawberry theme...
not on purpose, strawberry gum, strawberry sanitizer and chap stick!
 Hope they like all color coordinated so well! :)
{{I made 9 bags, only 6 sanitizers are shown..why? no idea...9 months prego??}}

I tucked them all into some small clear cello bags that I purchased at WalMart.
Tied them with some twine {colors to match the nursery} :)
And I added a tag that I typed up that said
Thanks For All You Do.
And I don't have a photo of that, because I will be honest, I completely spaced that out.
But you get the idea.
The nurses were so surprised!
The kids even got to bring a few out to a couple of the nurses at the desk, and they were so thrilled.
Love to brighten someones day!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Impact of painting a closet and ceiling

So, when it was time to turn Trey's room into the nursery, we left the colors on the wall, they had just been painted, and I didn't feel like painting them again.
Colors for the room worked perfect also, so it was a win win.
The ceiling needed a little bit of attention though.
It was white, and when Chad replaced the light fixture, and put in a ceiling fan {not a "fan" of fans, but air circulation beat looks this time}.
I touched up the space on the ceiling where the old light had a larger base then the fan,
and, with what paint was here, wasn't the right paint.
It was not flat, so you could see the shiny spot.

See it?
Not pretty!!

So, on a blizzardy {is that a word???} Sunday afternoon, I got the paint out and figured I should get it done before it gets harder!
First thing I did was cut in, then rolled.
It went on in less then 1 1 /2 hours, and I couldn't be happier with the result!!

 I'm curious why it's taken this long for me to paint a ceiling.
I always thought unless you had taller then 8ft ceilings it would make it feel super low.
These bedroom ceilings are 8 ft, and i doesn't make it feel lower at all.
Love how the colors work together!

If you follow on the FB page, you saw this picture!
I was getting down off the chair, and put my foot right into the paint lid.
I don't use drop clothes, ever, but figured I should for the ceiling project, and I am glad, for this reason alone!
So, that's the tale of the painted ceiling!
The closet got a little paint love also!

I had some blue paint, so I figured we'd spruce up the closet a little bit, it was worn out, had some scuffs and was very stark!!
After a morning of painting and a little bit of re-organizing, here's what we have.
Bottom rack has NB-3-6 month clothes.
I put the current size on the bottom that way Trey and Jerzie could reach them if I needed them to help me out!
Larger sizes on top, up to 12 months.

Like I had mentioned before, we didn't put a dresser in this room, so bins are what hold the little items, like little socks!

And pants!

Bins have not been labeled yet, something I will do...soon! :)

How about some side by sides?


 I love the difference it makes!!!
So I say, want to try a fun color somewhere but don't want to commit??
How about a closet?
How about a ceiling??


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Super Easy and Quick DIY Adjustable Crib Skirt.

So when it came to picking out bedding for our sweet little boy that is soon to arrive,
I wanted to make sure to be realistic about what we really --needed--.
All the fun bedding sets are so cute, and so spendy!
And...well, you usually don't use some of the stuff that come in the sets. {not us at least}

So we chose to go simple.
Crib sheet, blanket {small one for now} and a crib skirt.

Looking for a crib skirt, I realized they were pretty spendy, {more then what I had in mind and to ruffly and frilly for a boy.
I wanted something straight, simple and lime green!
I ordered some great fabric from, click HERE
Love this pattern, the green was perfect. And at 7.48 a yard! Yes Please!
So, I started out by measuring, having Chad measure the length and height that we needed of the crib, front and 2 side panels.  With crib at highest height, measured from crib mattress springs to where we wanted it to lay towards the floor, I wanted it to just have a small gap between the floor and where it hung.
So my deminsions were
 54 1/4 wide for the front,
 29 1/2 for each side,
and they would all be 22 tall {just to ensure enough fabric to attach to base.
Look at that fancy work! :)
Now I know when your sewing, that you should use a measuring tape,  I used a tape measure, I liked that it hugged the end of the fabic while I was measuring, I'm no pro seamstress so it worked out the best for me.
{side note:  I folded over one edge, pinned it, and then measaured, just to make sure I was exact}
Next, it was time to sew. I chose to do a blue zig zag stitch. 
I thought it would be fun to add the extra color, and a little extra deisgn.
I only did the 3 sides, the top that was going to be under the matteress I didn't sew, no one will see it! :)
I got some binder clips to attach the crib skirt to the mattress frame.

I took out the mattress and was left with the spring base.

I hung the fabric and secured it with the binder clips.
Here is what it looks like from above.

Repeat with other sides.
I chose to not do the back, the crib will be against the wall and didn't need to put a panel where no one would see!
Threw the mattress back in and that's it!


Now when it comes time to adjust the mattress {down lower} we will just pull the fabric towards the middle more and re-clip it!
Easy Peasy Friends!
Would you like a before and after shot??


{underneath could be some vaulable *hidden* storage space too!!}
See the rest of the nursery HERE.