Tuesday, February 7, 2012

House Tour-Master Bath and Closet

Since I showed your our Master Bedroom I thought the next best place to show you would be the Master Bath and Closet,  on to the kiddos rooms next!!! 

When we moved in all was white, I have not really done to much to the bathroom other then some paint on the walls and decorations. I would love to do something with the Hollywood lights, they do offer great light but they're not real pretty! We love the function of the medicine cabinet, it holds a ton of things and ensures everything is right at hand. I think the medicine cabinet and lower sink base cabinet would be so pretty painted, but it's still new and we all know how men are with painting over wood!! So...in time my friends! :)

Here is the jacuzzi tub. 2 mirrors are on each of the walls, which I would love to take down sometime sooner then later. The mirror on the right is on an outside wall, I think it would be amazing to add some sort of window in the place of the mirror and some art work on the left side. Plans Plans Plans!!

The door on the right is to the bedroom and the door straight is the master closet. The shower had glass shower doors installed, ever try to keep those puppies clean? Not my cup of tea, we took the doors off and the hunt for a shower curtain was on!! I found nothing I liked and what I did want was out of the ole budget. I was looking to bring in the gray of the bedroom but also go with the khaki in the bathroom. I found some fabric at Hobby Lobby, figured out how much I needed, doubled that (put 2 panels side by side) and made my own. I used the curtain liner to figure out where to put the holes in the fabric and used some snap together grommets (those puppies are awe-some)!!!

Decorating above a toilet is tough, well in this space it was!!! Towel bars were originally installed, why would we put a bunch of towels that far from the shower? Well, it was not for me! So we took those off, and I made these!! I'm liking the pop of color!!

A little tiered tray for my rings!!!

On to the closet:

I painted the closet not that long ago, it was kind of one of those humm...the paint chip color looked a little bit different then what ended up on the wall kind of moments! We have some baskets that I got the color inspiration from (pictured below)..it's working ok and better then the white primer that was in there! :)  I think it would be a great place to do some fun stenciling!!

Being not a big fan of seeing clutter or piles, we got canvas bins to go on the top shelf. I labeled them each so we would know what's inside, and we have contained piles that are not visible!!

Out of season clothes, backpacks, painting clothes, swimsuits etc. are in the bins.  Last year at JoAnn Fabrics I found in the clearance vacation bible school area, these little plastic "dog tags". They were a great price, loved the color and when I bought them I had no plan for them!! After giving the neglected closet a little bit of attention, they had a home!! I used some brown ribbon to tie them on the bin and we had a match made in heaven!

Pants go on the top, half his and half hers. Bottom is full of Chad's shirts, he's a t-shirt kinda guy! ;)
I have a few purses on top, and a bin on each side, one for larger collapsible bags and one for wallets/clutches.

How do you store your flip-flops??
These cubby units don't seem to be large enough for an actual shoe!?! Not for my 10 1/2 foot shoes at least!!! Flip-flops fit perfect, and color coded of course!

These are the bins that kinda started the color scheme! My small items are in the bins,  the closets have some built in shelves, so a few of my heels are displayed on them!!

Magnet boards from Ikea work great to display necklaces, I've tried so many different ways to store necklaces from a  jewelry armorie to cup hooks, you name it!!! I have a bunch of magnets (project in the future...make all magnets match).  I hung all necklaces on the magnet boards, all "like" necklaces are together! I love to see what I have and be able to pick out what to wear in no time!!  A few pictures of our kiddos on a small unit that holds sweaters. Having a pen cup, and coin jar in the closet is one of the best things we've done...they catch all of the stuff that comes home from the hubby's work pants!

On the days that I'm not wearing a necklace, I'm usually wearing a scarf, again, tough thing to store and see what you have. This over the door shoe organizer has been perfect!! I can see what's what and which one is where, they roll up and fit exact. I'm telling myself I can only have 1 scarf in each pocket to eliminate going crazy in the scarf buying dept, but a few have doubled up, and...a few are not in their home! :) Belts in top left corner!

That's it guys!!! Where we get ready in a day!!! How do you store those tricky necklaces? Have any crazy closet colors? I have plans to stencil in there someday...anyone stenciled their closets?

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