Sunday, March 25, 2012

Theater Movie Room Reveal!!!

Happy Monday to you!!!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!! We had a couple of good days here at the Smith household!!!
The movie/theater room is COMPLETE {for now}!!!!

We got the room finished and are enjoying it!

If you've been following you remember when we raised the floor, if you didn't see that, you can check out that post here.
After we got the floor raised, we added some trim to finish it off, you check out that post here.

Here is what the room looks like now:

And facing the tv:

Above the tv we have a picture of California Speedway, we went to the Auto Club 500 in 2004 in Fontana, CA. It was a first for both of us going to a Nascar race, growing up with a Dad that raced and having racing in my blood it was a big deal!!!  We both had a blast!
That race track always feels kind of special to us! :) 

By the t.v. is Chad's Mark Martin tire, it's usually behind the door, {door is closed in this picture}, it's neat to have, but pretty awkuard to decorate with or make sense in a room. It fits perfect tucked into it's little corner! The tire was actually raced with, so it's really unique!

When we first finished the lower level, we built this closet and filled with it shelves to hold all of our movies and games. After we decided to have elevated seating we could no longer have the door on the closet, one thing turned into the next, and we now have a little snack bar!

Here is what it looked like before {minus the fridge}:

We switched out the light, we actually used an exterior light that had a metal cage on it and looked kinda movie theater-like. Did some touch up with the paint, some other fun details and we now have this:

Popcorn maker, some candy, a few drinks and we're ready for a movie!

The red bins were found at Hobby Lobby, thanks to 50% off, we scored all 3 of them for under 20.00. They hold popcorn, popcorn bags and napkins!

The glass front fridge we had and love that it's visible to see what's inside!
Chad built the shelving unit that goes under the counter. It's just some painted MDF.
The counter top was a damaged piece from Menards. 10.00 scored us a piece that would fit perfect, cut the damaged section off and it's a fit made perfectly!

Like your drinks in a glass instead of a can? Sure! We have that too!!! A nearby shelf holds drinking glasses, and a couple favorite helmets!

LOVE the Broncos helmet, being a huge Denver fan, to have a signed John Elway helmet makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it!

Chad is a big Miami Hurricanes fan, so the McGahee helmet was a must also!

We went with more of a sports theme for the decor in this room. We both love pretty much any sport you throw in front of us.
We got the glass jersey cases at Hobby Lobby and framed a few favorite jerseys.
We have a Hurricanes one, and a Kobe Bryant one.


            In our first home, our entire family room was Mark Martin {Nascar} memorabilia. When we moved into this house, we were not wanting to have an entire shrine to M.M.
So, we put out a few favorite pieces, and the rest is {sad to say} still in boxes underneath the steps. Our plans are to donate them.

We ordered Sports Illustrated magazine covers from We picked out some of our favorites, threw them into some IKEA frames and instant wall decor!

We have multiple lighting options in this room, 3 recessed overhead lights, 6 sconce lights that are on a dimmer, 4 in the wall floor lights, the EXIT sign {which is wired into the floor lights}, and the light inside the snack center

We also ran wires into the ceiling so if we ever get a projection tv it's ready to go! You know men and their tv's!. We screwed a white blank outlet cover over the wires so it's not even noticeable.

The receiver! Oh boy, we have speakers in this room!!
He has it set up 7:1.That is another language to me!
I just know there are lots of speakers, 2 big tall ones by the tv, a big box behind the couch and 6 small surround speakers on the wall. Definitely no lack of sound in this room! The XBOX fits perfect on the 2nd shelf.

Usually when the movies are on, the lights are all set to the hubby's movie mode. The sconces are dimmed, and the floor lights are on.

It's a fun room, and we have all enjoyed having it in our home!! Chad is very proud of this room, he usually does not have alot of say about what goes on in the house, but he picked out paint colors for this room, went and got his accent chairs, ordered all the SI magazine covers himself and had lots of input as to what would go up for decor. It's been a fun room to hang out as a family, enjoy some movies, snacks and root beer floats in!!!

And again, one last look:

Ready to come over and watch a movie? I'll start the popcorn!



  1. yay! i LOVE it, especially the built in fridge section, that is spot on. we are finishing our basement now, and we are going for retro drive in/theatre look. this is great inspiration!

    1. Your room sounds like fun!!! Make sure you do a post about it! I will keep my eye out!

  2. Found your blog via the Blog Hop. I’m your newest GFC follower!

    1. Sounds great! Thanks for stopping by, and welcome!!!!

  3. What an awesome room! Love the snack area. That was a great idea!

  4. Great theatre room! I took over our theatre room to make it my craft room!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your project at Jillify It!

    I hope you will come back again next Tuesday to share more of your creations!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, and I will be sure to come back next week!!

  5. I was just browsing TT&J link up party and saw this. Wow, you guys did an awesome job on this room. I especially love how your husband had so much input and picked the paint colors and the chairs. He might have found his calling :)


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