Friday, May 25, 2012

House Tour Craft Room and Painting Studio

Hey Hey...Happy Friday!! Another week almost gone. I hope you've had a good week! It's been a full one for us!
Well, on the home-front news, we are now going with offer 2, the home inspection is next Thursday, I hope all goes well, we've never dealt with a home inspection before, neither having one done or having one done to our house! Hope we did everything right! :) 
This weekend we are headed to MN to look at homes.
Another first for us!  Our first home that we owned, we wanted the location, knew the people selling it, and just bought it.  This home we just shopped for floor plans since we built. But the next home will be a new experience! We plan to look at around 8 homes on Saturday!  I'm kinda excited to go through the homes, for one, to check them out and see if they are right for us, and for two, I always find it interesting to see how people decorate, arrange furniture and just the way things are. Am I the only one? I don't think it's being snoopy, just curious! :)  I will let you know on Monday how it all goes!!! Wish us luck! If you have any advice or pointers you'd like to share, I'd LOVE to hear!!

Yesterday I showed you our lower level, if you missed that, head over HERE. I didn't show you the movie room, which you can see HERE.
Today I'm going to show you the craft room and painting studio!!

The craft room has changed quite a bit over the course of the 4 years we've been here.
At first it was a crazy blue, the color scheme worked out great, but just didn't work out great once I followed through with the thought. It was quickly painted brown...BLAH...boring...wasn't a fan, then it became green a few months later...and that color was just left for a while, because I was kinda wore out on painting that room! After about a year and a half, it was time to get rid of the green! I wanted a grey purple, so, I got about a zillion paint swatches, and found a purple that I thought would work. I tried some on the wall and it wasn't GREY enough, so I just grabbed a bottle of craft paint, and squirted some into the gallon of paint until it looked about right. I really don't recommend doing it this way, it will be impossible to touch up in the future, but it worked, so if your brace, squirt away! :) 

When we turned the spare bedroom into the painting room, the counter top got moved from the craft room into the painting room. I have been spending so much time in the painting room that the poor craft room hasn't gotten much attention lately!

Black Friday, my hubby and I sat in the isles of Walmart in line to get this TV for the craft room. Time didn't go to slow, but the worst part is that the spot that we were in line, was by the canned fish...I can't stand the smell of fish, in a can or out of a can. So it was less then desirable!!! But, we got the TV, and that's what mattered, I had my eyes on the prize!  If you look close, I stenciled the wall, with 1 shade darker of purple. It turned out OK, I didn't take a close up on purpose! It didn't turn out perfect, I tried to do it in like an hour, I would suggest to give yourself a bit more time!
I have an electric fireplace in the craft room too, nothing is cozier then scrap booking or making some fun projects by the warmth of the little fireplace! :)

I'm all about personalizing a space, and the first thing up was one of the picture frames we have with photos of our dear Kobe. He was our very first baby!!!  He was a ring bearer in our wedding {wore a tux and walked down the isle}.  He was an amazing dog, absolutely the sweetest thing I've ever met. He was 4 years old when we had to put him to sleep, he got really sick, some type of skin disorder, and we had to put him to sleep. We tried medication after medication, and nothing was working, they wanted to send him away to a lab to do some testing and that's when we knew we just could not put the little guy through anything more. I miss him so much each day, you'd think that time would make it easier, but it honestly feels just as hard today as it did the day we said good bye to him!!! He will forever own a HUGE part of our heart!

Also, in the craft room I have ANOTHER EXPEDIT! Oh yes, another! I love them!!! This is the smaller white version. It provides great storage!  Above the bookcase we have an old door that we got at a rummage sale, and a fun bike my grandma gave me for Christmas.
I also made a fun bunting to add a pop of color up!

Sharpies and colored pencils.

Scrap booking Paint!

Love this little display!

Here is another picture of the desk. We got a 5.00 closeout damaged {hinges were missing} door at Menards. Got 2 base cabinets and an instant desk! We were never even able to completely finish it! :( It still needed some trim, and some plexi glass to put fabric underneath! The upper cabinet we removed the doors, and we have crown moulding in the garage to put on the top, but I guess that won't get done either! Boo!

A small little love seat is great to watch some favorite shows, or to work on small craft projects on my lap!

Paper, Paper, PAPER!!! I LOVE paper!
My name is Ursie Smith, and I'm addicted to paper!
 I just can't get rid of it, so many fab colors, and patterns, agh, paper is so fun!!! I got these white organizers at a rummage sale quite a few years back...and they have been worth every penny!

The craft room is just off of the family room downstairs!

And that's my craft room. I have made so many fun things in that room.
Lots of creative energy has been spent in here!
When we were building, I wired the entire thing, {hubby double checked me, no worries}, sheet rocked, laid carpet, trim, painted {multiple times}. Such a labor of love has gone into this whole house. And we are sad to leave it, but excited for new adventures!

A few quick shots of the painting room:

This room is usually a disaster. Tons of projects going on at one time.

There is not alot of furniture in this room, I like to sprawl everything out all over the floor to see what's what and how they look. This is after I cleaned up for the open house.

The desk that we made is used ALL the time, computer and printer and mailing supplies.

The long counter holds projects that are drying or in progress.
Paints are all on Ikea shelves arranged by color!

I usually lean projects up against this wall that are waiting to be picked up.

And, just to keep it real, because it's never this picked up...
Here is how it usually looks! Big ole creative disaster!

In the next house there will not be a painting room and a craft room, they will combine, and I'm ok with that. All of the built-ins will stay with the house so we will need to come up with new storage for everything!
Good thing we'll be 5 hours closer to IKEA! :)
I hope you have enjoyed the house tour, that's pretty much most of our house!  Next week I will show you the yard and keep you updated on how the house hunting goes!!!
Have yourself a fab weekend!



  1. Love the bright wall color in the paint room!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time house shopping, I've always loved the thrill of the search :-) Oh, and I love your paper organizer!

  3. You had me at a tv in the craft room! Although 5 hours closer to ikea is both good and bad, take it from someone who is 15 minutes away, that place can be dangerous:) Kind of like Target!

    Following you now:)



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